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Your antenna wins hands down!
Hi Andrew

This is Mike in southwest Missouri; I just got the loop two days ago, and had no problems assembling or mounting (for now just on a tripod stand, a few meters off the ground).

Putting the 1530LNP through its paces, and manually rotating as needed... Andrew, I've been a radio maniac and particularly an antenna fanatic for almost 40 years now, having made countless kinds of loops with all kinds of features and quirks... and the Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loop antenna is without a doubt ***the finest loop antenna I have ever used for low noise SW/HF reception.***

I'm only starting to discover its properties, and already it's a total winner.

For years I avoided lower band DXing and program listening due to ever-rising noise levels in my area, and trying to hear even moderate SSB signals at 80m was flat out impossible on most antennas I had (all kinds of longwire, randomwire, sky loop, vertical, etc.)... and on one loop I'd made to try to bust through the low band noise, I could generally hear more than the other antennas but it was an exercise in ear fatigue and headaches after ten minutes.

I had used a Pixel RF Pro 1B for about six months a few years ago, and sold it after that. It is a good loop antenna but didn't have the depth of nulling I needed - even for a broadband antenna it seemed a bit shallow. Also, it never felt very solid or robust.

Your antenna simply outperforms it, in every way *I* can test and compare.

Your loop brought the noise level down so dramatically I was wondering if something was wrong with my Icom R75.

I've now used the loop with a number of receivers - the aforementioned R75, Kenwood R2000, Yaesu FRG7700, even a few Panasonic RF-series radios - and in every case the 1530LNP has been outstanding, in many cases bringing in stations I never knew existed, let alone heard above the noisefloor here, and making many signals I usually hear cleaner and with more 'quieting'.

The ALA1530LNP is just spectacular.

Thank you for the quality product and the fast shipping - I'm used to UK and European goods taking at least three or four weeks to get here in the best of times. I am very grateful.

Hope all is well in Wellbrookland, my friend.

Thank you again, so very much.

Best -

Hi Andrew

I wanted to follow up and thank you for producing such a fantastic antenna. The ALA1530 has rekindled my enjoyment of shortwave radio, previously at least partially an exercise in frustration due to the noise levels in my tightly packed neighborhood.

The ALA1530 is mounted atop a tool shed, using a Channel Master rotor. The performance is, in a word, superb.
I wish I hadn't waited so long to make the purchase, but I'm certainly glad I did!

Mashpee, MA

I ordered your Imperium model and received it yesterday.  I Just installed it and powered it up for a test run. WOW!! I had a Pixel loop and I thought it worked okay, but after testing your antenna there is no comparison.  Your antenna is much quieter, and appears to be a lot more sensitive. With the Pixel I used a noise cancelling speaker and with your loop the noising cancelling speaker is not necessary.

Your antenna wins hands down!!

Just a follow up...
I'm using a WinRadio G313E as my receiver. I am listening to trans ocean aircraft traffic. A signal at -110 dBm is easily readable!!

Greenwood, Indiana
Hello Andrew

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Wellbrook ALA1530LF Antenna. It is nothing short of amazing!

We had a January day here in Canada where the temperature finally rose above the freezing point and I was able to mount the antenna on my garage roof using a tripod and 8ft mast pole. The top of the loop is up at about 18ft. I included a lightweight rotator in the installation and I have found that the deep null is very useful for nulling out competing signals on the same frequency. I have already greatly increased my count of NDBs, hearing some as far away as 2000km in the far arctic regions of Canada. Previously I had been using a long-wire antenna, but the active loop is far quieter and much better at pulling in those distant signals.
Thanks for providing such a fine product. I am looking forward to these winter nights to further explore the LF bands.

On clear cold nights here I am hearing beacons up to 2000km away and some of them are running modest power. Two nights ago I heard France and Iceland on the LW band. Quite impressive for such a small antenna.

Guelph ON
Hi Andy,

Just a quick note to say I am gob-smacked with the loop performance. I ordered whilst on holiday in Crete with the family and feeling board spent most of my time on the internet. I remembered a local saying your antenna was good and after much research couldn't find anything negative so decided it would probably be worth the risk as a general purpose receive antenna to scour the bands without retuning the main antenna. After only a couple of days use I have to say it surpassed my expectation and I am amazed that readability on the loop is consistently as good as my open feeder 260 ft doublet with ATU and when the band is noisy I can copy stuff on the loop I can't even tell is there on the big antenna. Best / most beneficial 200 quid I spent on radio in a long time and a must for anyone not fortunate enough to live in the wilderness.

One small negative comment, hate the BNC connector. Couldn't get what I felt was a good weather seal next to the header unit. Would personally have preffered a couple of meters of cable I could connect myself via bnc or whatever but that would be easier to make moisture proof.

Best regards and thanks for a great product

Keith .. G4EQZ
Hi Andrew,

I received my antenna today, and by golly it works as advertised! Amazing to hear NO locally-generated noise, while still being able to hear the vast majority of signals. There is plenty of gain on the plain 1530, just as you
said. I'm using it with a TS-590s, which has a very quiet receiver. I'll be having some fun in coming weeks. Thanks for a great product. The packaging was unique and effective, too.
Thanks again and happy Easter to you.
-Gary, WB9JPS
Hi Andy,

My QTH (12km / 7miles) from a LORAN-C transmitter (LESSAY/Normandy/France) which spits out 250kW on 100kHz from a 250m high tower 24 hours a day. Hence, I suffer from considerable antenna/receiver overload and IMD issues.

I've been looking for a long time for receiving antennas which can stand such harsh conditions and can feed  my receivers with very clean signals (I think I already tested all existing active and magnetic antennas except those from Rhode & Schwarz!).

I had heard that the PIXEL RF Pro-1 is a  must in the magnetic antennas world  and decided to buy and test one. I compared a brand new PIXEL Pro-1B side by side to my 5 WELLBROOK loops (ALA1530 (2x), ALA100, ALA100M, LFL1010) in early 2103. The WELLBROOK loops ALWAYS were the best ones in terms of sensitivity and especially concerning the S/N, not only in the VLF and NDB band: from 125kHz up to the HF bands no trace at all of the LORAN-C's rattle and no noise, far better S/N ratio on the HF bands than the PIXEL(e.g. constant S3 on 2182kHz with the Pixel, S0 with the WELLBROOK)!
I can confirm Guy Atkins conclusions: WELLBROOK beats PIXEL in every configuration!
Like most other Pixel users in Europe I sold on my RF-Pro-1B after one month use.
Now the last, but not the least: WELLBROOK's boss Andy IKIN is very customers-friendly, he provides help and advices rapidly and at any time!
Nice product and  nice after-sales-service: I can only recommend WELLBROOK !

I am not the normal user of a Wellbrook loop antenna. I own a Sony XDR-F1HD AM/FM tuner that I had modified for better sound and reception.  This tuner is unlike other tuners and people either love it or hate it. The sound of mine has been improved to what I would consider excellent on FM. I bought it because its magic is in its sensitivity. Well, it is also a very good broadcast AM tuner that is in need of an antenna that compliments its abilities.

For several years I went back and forth about purchasing an ALA1530. I contacted Andy Ikin over at Wellbrook several times over the years, asking him if there was a way that I could interface the loop antenna to the balanced inputs on the back of the Sony tuner. Andy was excellent at returning emails and giving advice, but I just never quite "pulled the trigger" on the purchase.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I finally decided to try the new "Imperium" edition of the North American ALA1530, and also purchased Wellbrook's 9:1 balun for use in changing the 50 ohm coax output of the loop into a balanced 450 ohm signal that I could connect to the tuner.

The equipment arrived, travelling from Wellbrook to my home in rural Wisconsin (USA) without so much as a blemish on any of it. Less than an hour after arriving, I had a 20 foot RG58 coax cable between the loop and the balun (via the power box) and a 450 ohm ladder wire between the balun and the tuner.  I plugged in the power to the loop and turned the tuner to the AM band.

Perhaps I should also say that the loop is leaning against a chair in my living room, 6 feet from a plasma TV and surrounded by computers, appliances and other electrical wiring and lighting.
The results are nothing short of astonishing!

With the AM loop antenna that is supplied with the tuner, I can rotate and receive 2 or 3 hissy nearby stations.  Using a homemade "Carver Ultimate" unturned loop antenna, I can receive 4 or 5 nearby stations quite well and another 4 or 5  stations in a noisy manner. Still another 10 or so stations can be received with extremely high noise and a lot of fading.

When the ALA1530 Imperium North American version loop was connected to the tuner, stations JUMPED at me. Stations that were noisy before are now completely quiet. Stations that were barely discernible with the Carver loop are now very loud and clear with just a slight hint of hiss and no fading.  Stations that I have never heard before are very clear, albeit slightly hissy.

Again, these results are indoors near other equipment and wiring. The Carver loop was actually OUTSIDE and about 18 feet (5 meters) from the house. In a few months when the snow is gone, I plan to mount the Wellbrook outdoors and at least 72 feet (20 meters) from anything else.

While I understand that most Wellbrook users are either ham enthusiasts or DXers with incredible radios, I thought that I would let you know what the Wellbrook loop has done for my ordinary AM (MW) broadcast reception.  So far, it is an outstanding product that has exceeded my expectations!  thank you!

rural Wisconsin

I received the loop yesterday (5-7) Received in excellent condition. I was running a PAR ef-swl 9:1 to 100' wire before I got your loop. It was very effective for DX and utilities. After ONE evening and morning using your loop, I am EXTREMELY impressed! In short, your loop makes me realize I have been missing out. I'm getting stuff I never got before. This thing is like an RF magnifying glass. Thank you for making it! And the luxury of being able to pinpoint a weak signal with the turn of a rotator dial is just so fun.

I had to fit a pl259 though, to the interface-to-rx feedline...that line is a bit tender. But man what a nice antenna.

Thanks again, Andy!

San Francisco

I bought the ALA1530 a couple years ago and are still amazed of the performance. I live in a residental area in a villa surrounded with many villas and there are a lot of interference from wireless devices and also from all sorts of appliances and I have previous tried everything L antennas, Dipols etc. The disturbances on the lower frequencies was enormous and the signal level was almost non existent on daytime.

With your antenna my jaws dropped to the floor. The antenna is placed on the garage wall on a metalrod 5 m above ground and I have no problems in receiving long way and several stations on AM daytime and with no interference at all.

In the nighttime the antenna excells on all bands and my wife is much more content with this discrete antenna over the previous ones.

Keep up the good work.

If you want a picture from my installation I will be more than happy to upload it.

Picture by Kenneth

Best regards

Dear Sir,

After using the Wellbrook ALA 1530P loop antenna for a few years now. Top marks to the company.

After some experiments I have complete satisfaction with the loop antenna. I can hear stations from long wave, medium wave to the high 28 MHz bands. The loop is two stories high and I have secured it against a metal pole and have better signals from all over the world. Even the long wave is great and I heard BBC Radio 4 on 198 kHz. I live on the island of Cyprus. The loop brings in the signals to a better signal strength than before using for example a random long wire antenna system.

Now I am waiting in the post for my new portable Tecsun PL310 ET radio which has a few bands ranging from FM, AM, Long wave, MW and short wave.

My pleasure to submit a review on my opinion to the loop antenna that I am currently using. Using a NRD 515 as my receiver.

Best regards, 73s.

Hi Andrew,

The Wellbrook ALA1530LN arrived here safe and sound in great condition on Thursday morning on time.

I have it on top of my shed roof due to my neighbours having a PLT next door I have more or less nulled it out by rotating it. The MW and LW capabilities are amazing with it, an example of a DX catch I got was Afghanistan with an amazing signal and picking up a lot of the Dutch MW pirates from Ireland which is a first for me ever. I've been able to pick up stations I would of normally had drowned in QRM from my neighbours! The antenna has been worth every penny and I would like to thank you for such a great antenna, it preforms excellent on my Kenwood R1000!


County Armagh


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