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Active Loop Antenna ALA1530LF

Brand: Wellbrook
Product Code: ALA1530LF-1
Price inc VAT: £240.00
Ex Tax: £200.00
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Re-engineered Active Loop Antenna ALA1530LF

20kHz-30MHz 1m dia. Aluminium Loop

The design of this new loop is based on the recently re-engineered ALA1530. The MW gain has been tailored to provide much lower intermodulation when used in high AM Broadcast signal areas.

LF gain extended down to 20kHz

MW OIP3 has been increased to +49dBm

This new Antenna is probably the only active loop to provide coverage from VLF to HF with high gain and low Intermodulation. However, the HF gain and s/n of this loop is not as high as with the ALA1530.

The amplifier intermodulation performance has been improved and an FM band filter is now fitted. A resettable fuse and a power LED are now fitted to the Antenna Interface.

The mechanical design is now improved to afford increased reliability and to facilitate ease of servicing:

The amplifier is now house in a separate module, thus isolating the electronics from the mechanical stress caused by wind loading on the loop. The amplifier to loop wire terminations use tin plated silicone insulated wire and crimp terminals rated down to –40 Celsius.  The module sits on of the loop box and is secured by stainless steel screws.

The amplifier module can be easily replaced in the unlikely event of a failure, without the customer having purchase a new loop antenna with the associated high shipping costs.

A new retrofit amplifier is now available for all pre April 2014 loops at a reasonable cost.

This antenna replaces the ALA1530+

This Balanced low impedance Magnetic loop has enhanced performance compared to shielded and Moebius loop types.

The unique use of an amplifier to match the loop's reactance is a technological breakthrough in Broadband loop design.

Comparison of the Mobius Loop verses a Wellbrook loop

This unique broadband magnetic antenna is only 1m diameter and rotatable to provide deep nulls to reject noise and interference. Ideal for users with small gardens... This new broadband untuned Loop antenna is the only active antenna designed specifically to reject locally radiated and mains borne noise from TVs, computers, mains wiring etc.

The Loop antenna responds primarily to the Magnetic-Field and rejects locally radiated Electric-Field noise providing far lower noise reception than active whip/dipole antennas. Compared to active whip/dipole antennas, the Loop will reduce locally radiated noise by up to 30dB and mains borne noise by up to 60dB. The ALA 1530LF has 30dB nulls to further reduce interference.

It is ideal for small gardens, indoors and directional reception using an antenna rotator.

The ALA1530LF offers significant advantages over the traditional tuned Loop, because the Loop can be used away from local interference. Whereas, a tuned Loop has to be positioned next to the receiver where there are high levels of local noise.

The Loop antenna is supplied with an Antenna Interface and a 12 volt regulated Power Supply

UK, European and North American version with psu.

Product Details

2012 Radcom Review

See Guy Atkins review of the Pixel Technologies RF PRO-1 and the Wellbrook Communications ALA1530


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